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Banco Santander está adscrito al Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito. Para depósitos en dinero el importe máximo garantizado es de hasta 100.000 euros por depositante en cada entidad de crédito.

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the new
Santander App

We introduce

We introduce
the new
Santander App

Choose the global position that best suits your needs: classic, basic or Smart.

Smart version for the most daring and digital ones

Our best App for you

A renewed, simpler, smarter, more modern version, with new capabilities and tons of details that make it unique.

More human

More useful

More personal

Customize your App to the fullest

Choose the global position that best suits your needs: classic, basic or Smart.

Smart version for the most daring and digital ones


It has never been so easy
to send and request money
through your mobile!

All about
your cards

You can start using
your card immediately!

No need to wait for the physical card, just add it to pay directly from the App.

Manage your subscriptions

Get to know in detail all your subscriptions and activate or deactivate them at any time.

Don’t miss

You will be able to see
everything that has happened

since your last connection.


Help Center

Solve your problems by finding the help you need at the right times.

My Advisor

Your Advisor supports you in your day to day with any question or doubt and through any mean.

ATMs Zone

Always connected to all channels! Find nearest and operative ATMs and branches, check on the type of banknotes available, withdraw money with code…

Your day to day easier

Keep up with
your Financial Timeline

You can see past and future relevant events that allow you to make wiser financial decisions.

your purchases with

Forget about surprises with unknown transactions! Locate and verify your movements on a map.

Global Search

Find what you need easily: transactions, FAQs and other relevant actions…

Sending money
has never been
so easy

Schedule recurring payments, check your payment history, have your recent and favorite contacts always accesible…and much more!

Your App,
safer than ever

Security Zone

No more worries! Set up alerts, report possible frauds, card thefts…

Travel Mode

Travelling safely is now possible… we offer interesting information about destinations, contact numbers and financial advice.

And also…

Money Boxes

A new mobile? A trip to the Caribbean? That cool car? Saving money now with Money Boxes is very simple, set up your rules and save without even noticing it.

Expenses follow-up

Feel in control of your income and expenses so you don’t miss anything.


A BBQ among friends? A rural house for the weekend? Create plans with friends to divide your expenses and easily pay debts directly from Bizum.

Check our your new
Santander App!

We are already more than 5 million digital clients…
Are you in?